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Laurel Taxi Cab Service offers efficient, reliable and affordable taxi service to meet the transportation needs of residents, visitors and our corporate clients. Call Now: (301) 256 1893 and get the Taxi Cab at your door step.
Laurel Taxi Cab Service Pricing is as follows:


The meter rate is $2.00 for the first one-tenth of a mile and 25 cents per one-tenth of a mile thereafter. For Airport cabs the first one-tenth mile is $2.90.

Each 37.5 seconds waiting time (traffic delays and signals)

25 cents

Each suitcase in excess of two

25 cents

Each trunk, footlocker, or other oversized personal property

All tolls, roundtrip.
Animals may be transported at the discretion of the driver. The additional charge to transport a pet may not exceed $5.00. An animal trained to assist the disabled shall be transported without additional charge. 
During weather-related emergency conditions designated for the County by the Maryland State Police, a surcharge of 25% of the metered fare may be added, with a minimum surcharge of $1.00. 
Riding Sharing:¬†When two or more persons or groups individually request taxicab service to the same of different destinations, each party is entitled to a 20% reduction of the meter reading at his or her destination. Ride sharing only permitted upon consent of all parties. 
The driver cannot refuse to transport an orderly passenger and must provide a written receipt upon request.
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